Crossroads, the series on the camino de Santiago

At Taste Gourmet we are always attentive to everything that has to do with food, recipes, good food, etc... but also we can not miss the opportunity every time he comes to speak of the traditions and customs of our country that move us closer to a lot more to your gastronomy as it is, without a doubt, the Camino de Santiago.


If you want to be able to live the Way of st. James as well worth the year of Xacobeo is celebrated this year, 2010, who better to do it with Crossroads, a new television series consisting of 13 episodes, and aside from a visit to the seven roads that form part of the route of Santiago and of its protagonists, will show us the best of galician cuisine.

At crossroads we are going to learning the essence of the seven roads that make up the Camino de Santiago: the camino Francés (which enters Galicia through O Cebreiro); the Primitive way, from Asturias, was the origin of the Way; the English Way, with the cantabrian coast as a framework of welcome; the Portuguese Way, bathed by the low Miño; the Way of Silver, with their ancestral roots; the Way of the North, a path of forests and clarosocuros, and the Way most peculiar of all... the Way of Fisterra...born of the unflagging desire for self-improvement that encloses the human being...which, after reaching Santiago, he felt the call to embark on the journey to the end of the world.


Also conocerémos the personal stories of those who make the Journey with Crossroads, and so we comoveremos with the story of a blind person who looks in your path for a reason more than personal improvement, or a man who after getting out of prison start a new life.

Or the story of a foreigner living in Spain, a marriage greater than you want to be able to feel the divine, by the way, a family that has decided to plan a vacation unforgettable, a young independent already made the journey several times before, or two young cyclists that contact with nature make the way.