Mamotas: Caste&bathrooms, as well as with milk


Do you ever have tasted the chestnuts with milk? I bring you a traditional recipe from my land or perhaps all over the north.


This recipe has many names, even in our village, each flame a different way, but today I wanted to headline with the name given in my family, “mamotas“. To make mamotas it is important to select the chestnuts, the more fat much better because we're going to cook them.

This dish now it may seem simple (and that I recommend you try it before judging it), it was a real delight and a perfect way to feed in a time in which there was not a lot of food, a nutritious dish that is reminiscent of the childhood of many. As my mother says, that he was the faster he ate more, So be smart people that it is a single dish!

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  • Chestnuts
  • Cow's milk
  • Water


In plenty of water we boil the chestnutsfor 30 minutes approximately. When you see that at this time, take a chestnut and you test to see if they are already cooked or still had a little bit more.

castañas cocidas

When you have cooked, put them in a colander to lose all the water and is tempering a bit of the skin of the chestnut to be able to remove it without the need of burning.


At the time of opening the chestnut there are many ways, there is one short and peeling, but my mother does is bite off the ends and then clamped from the opposite side of the chestnut to come out as a puree, cooked and desmigada. Do the process that you like until you have a nice plate before you (eye the chestnuts they are very filling).

castaña cocida

In the center of the plate, do a small hole where you are pouring cold milk, use it with the chestnuts and you are eating. The cold milk is going casting as just because it is not looking to make a puree, but enjoy the temperature of both ingredients, the contrast and the flavors.

castañas con leche

We cannot compare the milk that we buy now with the then, but if you have the chance to try it with freshly milked milk, you will be returned to the flavors of the childhood of many adults today.

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