Recipe of Cocido gallego


A recipe of home, of those who don't can stay in the oblivion. Tasty, healthy and rich, a delicious galician stew.


As always, we return to the village, a good plate of galician stew waiting for us to warm up the body and enjoy the delicacies of the land. In our area, Viana do Bolo, is very typical of a sausage that is called androlla and which can be prepared in many ways, one of them is as an ingredient in the stew.

I have not wanted to save this picture to me alone, is the wood stove of my grandmother, who as you will see is not the most modern in the world, but it is full of history, of years, of life and it is where my aunt Puri has prepared this delicious stew for large part of the family that I share with you today.

cocina de leña

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  • Leg
  • Ham
  • Ear
  • Morro
  • Chorizo
  • Androlla
  • Potatoes
  • Cabbage
  • Chickpeas
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Fídeos


In the first place, put to soak the parts of the pig, salted between two and a day before, while the day before, put the chickpeas to soak.


In a saucepan put to cook the chickpeas with the leg, the nose and the shoulder of pork. The chickpeas, put them in a special bag for legumes, quicker and easier to remove. In our house we have put the ham separately so that it's not as strong, but you can cook it all together between an hour and two hours, keep in mind that we rely on the wood stove and it tends to go slower. After it comes in large pieces in a porcelain so that one can use to taste with ease.


Those who go to include the androlla in the stew, the you put to boil in another pan at the same time that the chickpeas (if you use a wood stove) since it usually take quite long to cook, between an hour to and hour and a half. Once you see that there is little left, 10 minutes before taking them out, add the sausages.


In my house, the top of the broth that is left where is the fat, is usually put in a bowl to which you want to take a little above the chickpeas instead of using the oil.


When you have the potatoes peeled and the cabbage, wash, put a pot on the fire with plenty of water, a little salt and add the cabbage with the whole leaf and the potatoes cut in half.


The soup cooked the prepare with the broth resulting from the saucepan of chickpeas and company. Depending on the number of people that you may be, calculated a handful of noodles per person, and removes the water that you consider to be excess (if there is one), rectifies the salt.

caldo para sopa

Once you have everything prepared, it only remains to bring it all to the table and begin to prepare these dishes with powerful, galician stew, each one can use what you want both in quantity and ingredient, which makes this form of presentation is most comfortable for you. A drizzle of oil or fat and ready to enjoy.

cocido gallego

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